SBSE Consulting

SBSE Consulting has been providing a range of Building Engineering Services, Energy Efficiency , Compliance Audits, Sustainability Concepts and Value for Money Solutions for new and refurbished buildings in a variety of regional and metro locations.

The company's reputation has been built on excellence in design for specialist engineering applications based on technically sound and sustainable solutions, a feature of which has been achieving value for money.

The owners have been associated with a number of WA excellence awards including two Master Builders Association Awards - Purpose Built Facility For Teaching Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Building Mechanical Services.

  • 1995 WA Energy Efficiency Award - First Prize Category 4, development of an Energy Management Manual and an energy management policy for the WA TAFE network of 113 colleges/centres.
  • 1995 WA Energy Efficiency Award - First Prize Catagory 2 for Commercial Buildings, for audit and management of energy savings at Central Metropolitan College of TAFE.